Symbols of Unity

There are so many ways to make your wedding ceremony unique

A symbol of unity signifies the coming together of the couple and their families. The unity candle is the traditional symbol used, however there are several others to possibly include in your ceremony.


This signifies your faith and the presence of God in your marriage. Three chords of rope are braided together. Yourself, your groom, and God are represented in the strands.


The pouring together of different colored sand into one container has become a popular way to signify your union. This is a great idea for an outdoor ceremony when you do not want to worry about keeping a candle lit. This is a beautiful keepsake that will help you remember your day.


This Netherlands tradition has the couple place a bottle of wine, two glasses, and love letters into a wooden box. It is then nailed shut during the ceremony, either by members of the family or by the couple. The officiate explains, “If and when the marriage gets tough, open the box, have a glass of wine, and read your love letters to each other. This will remind you of your love and commitment to one another.”


Including your first communion together as a married couple is an outward symbol bringing your faith into your ceremony and into your marriage.


This is a great idea for having something to keep in your home that grows along with you and your husband on your life-long adventure.


A symbol that is growing in popularity is washing each other’s feet. The reason behind the action is that Jesus washed His disciple’s feet to show them what it means to be a servant leader. He didn’t lead forcefully, He lead by serving and loving… and so couples are adopting that idea and deciding to use it as a symbol for what their marriage is going to look like.