Alyssa and James Stein Engagement Announcement

Alyssa Studer, daughter of Tim & Heidi of Perham, MN, has become engaged to James Stein, son of Bruce & Debbie of Hankinson, ND.

Wedding Date

Saturday, September 21, 2019


Jimmy planned a weekend vacation when Alyssa was on a school break. They went to Medora, ND. On Saturday, September 22, 2018, they went to dinner and then took a walk in the sunset. It was quiet with nobody around in one of the state parks nearby. They sat down on a small ledge, and then Jimmy got down on one knee and asked Alyssa to be his wife. She immediately said “YES!”

How They Met

Love is something that finds you when you least expect it. During the first 2 1/2 years at The University of Jamestown, Jimmy and Alyssa both knew of each other but never formally met. They had a lot of mutual friends, and one Saturday night in late February of 2017, Jimmy's roommates had some people over. Alyssa was one of the people who were there and she ended up sitting right next to Jimmy! "The first thing I noticed was her eyes and it was at this moment I wanted to get to know this beautiful girl sitting to my left. We were making small talk and I was the most nervous I think I’ve ever been." - Jimmy "We were all just mutual friends having a good time. However, as the night went on, there was something in my mind about Jimmy that was different. I found out we had things in common and even just sitting next to him felt comfortable." - Alyssa The next weekend was the start of spring break and they both went home; Jimmy to Hankinson and Alyssa to Perham. Jimmy was the first one to message, but Alyssa was the first one to initiate a date. They made plans to go out to supper when they were back in Jamestown the following Monday. However, Alyssa had to go into the ER and have emergency surgery for a kidney stone that Monday...and Jimmy actually showed up at the hospital! They like to consider this their "first date." They were able to go on an “official” date to a movie that Friday night. The following Tuesday (March 21, 2017), Jimmy asked Alyssa to be his girlfriend.