Jessica and Austin Smith Engagement Announcement

Jessica Honrud, has become engaged to Austin Smith.

Wedding Date

Saturday, July 10, 2021


We has been discussing getting engaged for about a year so every time we did something I was wondering if that would be the day. On Mother's Day morning I opened my eyes to him down on one knee [bedside] and he said "How is this for a Mother's Day present?" I thought I might still be dreaming so I was surprised. I was waiting for him to ask me the big question while he was waiting for me to answer his first question! So I said "Well are you going to ask me something?" So then of course he asked, I said yes and it was a great start to my Mother's Day!

Photo by Brandy Lee Photography

How They Met

We met through friends. For a couple of years he was just my friends younger brother but when he started pursuing me, I couldn't resist his cheesy charm and kindness.