Jessie and Kevin Schneider Engagement Announcement

Jessie Leppell, daughter of Jim & Taunie Leppell of Keene, ND, has become engaged to Kevin Schneider, son of Ken & Donna Schneider of Linton, ND.

Wedding Date

Saturday, July 15, 2017


One October morning we were going to trail cows to the fall pasture. Kevin said lets go climb the butte! Which is called Table Butte right by my parents, we climb it every spring & fall to view all the beautiful country below. To me it was odd because we had a lot to do to get ready to trail cows but I went along with it since it was Kevin's idea. We drove the side by side to the base of the butte and started climbing to the top, once we got to the top it was so windy. We were walking around looking as far as the eye could see, enjoying the view. On one corner of the Butte you can see my parents place. Kevin said "your dad wanted a picture of their place from up here didn't he?" I didn't recall hearing my dad say that so I just thought might as well take a picture just in case. Its so windy up there I'm trying to not get blown over the edge taking this picture, swaying back and forth. When I was done taking pictures I turned around to Kevin on one knee with a ring in his hand, saying "will you marry me?" I was in total shock and so happy I just started crying tears of joy!