Jillian and Jesse Kubik Engagement Announcement

Jillian Jassek, daughter of Mark and Tina Jassek of Dickinson, North Dakota, has become engaged to Jesse Kubik, son of Klay and Susan Kubik & Dee Kubik of Manning, North Dakota.

Wedding Date

Saturday, August 4, 2018


Jesse asked me on December 30th if we could spend New Year's Eve together. I hesitantly agreed thinking about all the holiday traditions my family had planned for the next day. The morning of December 31st, Jesse asked me if he could take me out for breakfast; this is where he gave me the first hint - a cross. Throughout the day, Jesse drew me pictures that he said would all make sense later on when I would receive my last and late Christmas gift; little did I know they were all parts of the ring he custom-designed. Although I thought I knew that he was going to propose, his hints - the gifts were wrapped in two large boxes, he needed help to go get the boxes from the car, and he ordered the gifts before Christmas but they were backordered - threw me off! We rang in the new year with tired eyes and excited hearts and as I was getting ready for bed, he said he would go get the gift. In the room where we have completed so many projects such as shredding documents and making a blanket, he told me to turn around. As I prepared myself to receive a large gift from the heavy-breathing man behind me, I turned around to my best friend on one knee! He asked me to be his best friend for the rest of our lives and I eagerly agreed!

How They Met

Jesse and I "bumped" into each other my first day of seventh grade at Trinity High School. I watched him grow and excel at sports until one day, after he graduated, I got the nerve to reach out to him - and we never stopped talking! Over long distance, we had supper dates over skype, reading dates over the phone, and conversations to which I would fall asleep.