Karli and Grant Dvorak Engagement Announcement

Karli Rothschiller, daughter of Joe & Carlene of Dickinson, ND, has become engaged to Grant Dvorak, son of Jeff and Tammie of Dickinson, ND.

Wedding Date

Saturday, September 29, 2018


My parents Joe and Carlene offered to take Grant and I on a vacation to a city of my choice. I had always wanted to visit San Diego, California. One could say that this trip was on my "bucket list". On December 31st, 2016, myself, Grant, and my parents ran through the pouring rain to a high-end restaurant overlooking the bay for a special New Year's Eve meal. After drying ourselves off, we were seated and greeted with champagne (prematurely!). Grant looked at me and asked me to take my purse off, to which I thought was very odd. Then, he took my hand and asked me to step out of my chair (okay, now I'm grumpy!). He led me to the aisle and had turned around towards my Dad. When he turned back toward me, he had a ring box in his hand -OMG!. In that moment, we were both so excited and nervous that neither of us remember the exact words that he said to me! He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I of course said YES about fifteen times! Everyone in the restaurant was clapping for us! I can't wait to be married to the love of my life and to be called Mrs. Dvorak!

How They Met

In 2011, Grant spotted me at a baseball game and added me on facebook! I had no idea who Grant was at that time, but through mutual friends we were able to formally meet in person. We unofficially dated for two weeks before he asked me to be his girlfriend!