Erica and Cody Kinnischtzke Wedding Story

Wedding Date
Saturday, July 14, 2018

We had a brunch wedding! Our church was only available in the morning so we had a morning wedding, followed by a brunch reception—complete with donuts as the cake, and our guests were on their way by 2:00.

The most memorable part of the day was our private photo session in between the ceremony and the reception. The private session gave us some time to pause and enjoy the weight of the day as husband and wife before celebrating with our family and friends.

The best part of our day was the ceremony itself. The church gave us a lot of freedom to coordinate the events of the service and our first act as husband and wife was taking communion and praying together.

How We Met

Cody and I met playing recreational volleyball. I was asked to play as a substitution on his team, and then asked back to play the following season. We slowly transitioned from teammates to friends then quickly into a dating relationship.

Cody thought long and hard about how to propose. He finally decided that I’d appreciate a quiet, intimate proposal. He returned home from his best friend’s bachelor party weekend, came over and told me he brought me a present. He nervously stumbled through the routine and asked me to be his wife. His proposal perfectly reflects our life together. He takes ordinary days and awkwardly makes them magical.

Planning for Our Day

Cody and I got engaged in March, set a date by April and got married in July. We used Google share drive to collaborate and organize the details of our wedding. We also used a lot of online vendors for party favors and decorations.

Hint for Brides

Don’t forget to rely on the people around you. What seems to be a monumental and daunting task can turn into a fun day with a friend by simply asking for help.