Sara and Thane Hollenbeck Wedding Story

Wedding Date
Saturday, October 1, 2016

Wedding Team

Hint for Brides

  1. Look for a photographer you want and book them ASAP! We waited around too long before finding a photographer and several I reached out to had already been booked up, or were more than I wanted to spend. Our pictures turned out ok, but when it is all said and done the pictures are all you have to look back on.

  2. A videographer is a great way to be able to enjoy and look back on your wedding after it is over. People always say how quickly your wedding will fly by, but you truly will not understand just how quickly it flies by until it's over! We decided against a videographer which is one of my biggest regrets now. We may not have looked back on that video very often but it would have been a beautiful way to really capture everything that we may have missed being so wrapped up in the moment.

  3. Try and have as many things in place and ready to go as possible. Again, everyone says to enjoy your wedding week and how great it will be... I found this to be impossible! Our wedding week was so busy and stressful, trying to get everything done and having all of our friends and family arriving. There are a million things to get done and a lot of which can't be done until the week or days before the wedding. So get done what you can, and try not to get too stressed out!

  4. Enjoy every minute of it, because in the blink of an eye all the planning and preparing you put into this special day will have come and gone. Try to really take everything in and enjoy the moment.