ShaLee and Tanner Tescher Wedding Story

Wedding Date
Friday, July 7, 2017

Our special day started out like any other wedding day. The girls scurried to get their hair done, make-up on, and dresses ready. My beautiful wedding dress was from Your Day By Nicole from Fargo, ND. Your Day did an absolutely beautiful job with my extra alterations to have my dream wedding dress. Everyone got ready at the AmericInn in Medora. The bridesmaids put on their dresses that they rented from "Rent the Runway." The dresses were super easy to rent and affordable. Every girl rented a dress in their size and received a secondary size just in-case the first one didn't fit right. They received the dresses a few days before the wedding, tried them on, and if both dresses didn't fit right they got to return the dresses free of charge. A new dress would come in the mail, but everyone's fit perfectly. After the wedding they the sent the dresse back in a prepaid postage. Hair and make-up was done by Brooklynn Zachmann, from SILO Salon in Bismarck, ND. My brother, Chance, who also was a groomsmen drove me, my 2 Personal Attendants (Afton and Steph), and my Photographer Kat Weinert to a beautiful rustic spot out in the Badlands, west of Medora on Doug Tescher’s place. Chance saddled my horse Spanky and got him ready for pictures. I had my first look with my father, Ross. After, a few pictures with my Dad, I hopped onto Spanky (We were all a little scared, this was his first time with a big flowy white dress on a rider, but he did perfect). The wind was blowing just right for beautiful North Dakota summer weather: sticky, dry, hot, humid 90°! One downside is flowers do not like that hot of weather. We bought our flowers from Wild Vines Market in Beach, ND. We were worried about the weather, but they turned out beautiful and stayed perfect all day. As we were taking pictures of myself, Kat was telling me of a wedding she did previously and they wished they could have done the first look on a horse. I of course said what a great idea! So I immediately called my Fiance, Tanner, and told him to wear his cowboy hat for the first look. He also needed to keep his eyes closed! I rode up to him on my horse to surprise him. He definitely knew I was on a horse because the horse sneezed when I was riding up to him. So he was not in that much shock, but still surprised with the twist. The pictures turned out absolutely perfect. Pictures went underway with all the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and family pictures in the beautiful Medora Badlands. We were done around 1 (perfect time to have outdoor pictures in 90 degrees) :/ Everyone drove to Beach, ND for the Ceremony at Grace Church. More pictures were taken, and everyone ate lunch privately. Beautiful decorations were handcrafted, by my Mom, Sheri, and my sister, Trish. Officiant Pastor Ben Baker gave a beautiful scripture in the stunning church that was recently built. After the ceremony, the bridal party loaded up onto the “cowboy subway” (horse trailer filled with square bales) for everyone to sit on. We drove to Medora to take a few more pictures of just Tanner and I, as newlyweds. After pictures we went to the reception at Medora Community Center. Food was prepared by family friends Cheryl Hammond and Ruth Hudson. We ate beef tips, cheesy potatoes, bun, salad and corn. For dessert we had kuchen by Dakota Pride’s “Grandma’s Kuchen." Finally, my favorite part for all weddings, The First Dance. We danced to “Like the Rain” by Clint Black. Mother/Son Dance was “A Mother's Song” and Father/Daughter dance was “Redneck Girl” by The Bellamy Brothers. Our music was by the band Slamabama. Throughout the night we also did the traditional “Toss the Bouquet”. We changed it up on auctioning off the garter. We auctioned off 4 stick horses and whoever won the stick horse got to play musical chairs. The winner of the musical chairs won the garter. Also, the bar was by Little Missouri Saloon. After the dance we provided a midnight snack of Taco in a Bag. Tanner and I want to thank our friends and famil

Wedding Team

How We Met

One random night I, Tanner, was laying in bed already half asleep, I received a Snapchat from Ashley Slade. Opening up the snapchat groggily to a picture of about 7 girls at a table. The caption wrote" you should date her." With 7 girls and a snapchat only lasting seconds, I never got the chance to see any faces. So jokingly with a side of serious I said "what about a double date"?

After a couple days I asked Ashley "Hey, who was that girl that you said I should date?" She gave me a name, Shalee Glass". So like everybody else in this world I went to Facebook and looked up her name. My oh my! I was really shocked on how cute she looked in her profile picture. I immediately wrote back and said yes we need to do a double date soon! After meeting her and briefly talking to her at a funeral (not the most romantic place for an introduction) I was convinced I should make an effort to try and get to know her better. The word from Ashley was that ShaLee had dated for a couple years and wasn't interested in dating. Well... after hearing that, there went my high spirits and confidence 👎.

After some of unsuccessful attempts of trying to match schedules to meet for a double date, Ashley sent a text "Would tonight work?" Being with family in Bismarck, I HESITANTLY asked my Dad if we could leave back to Beach soon and he asked why? I informed him that tonight might be the night that I could go on a double date with that girl I've been talking about. My Dad asked my sisters if we could leave and they pretty much FORCED me out of the house without saying goodbye.

The first double date Jordan and I visited only to each other and Ashley with only ShaLee. I was thinking it felt like junior high. After about three more double dates, I started to text ShaLee over the phone more occasionally. After probably two weeks I asked her on a solo date to Beach for a summer concert and a ride on horseback for the next day to show her the ranch. Many of my uncles would probably still say that the ranch is why ShaLee is still sticking around, but I'm pretty sure it is because she likes me (I hope). :)

After casually dating for about a month-and-a-half and repeated times of her sister asking me if I was going to ask her to be my girlfriend and start a relationship. I finally asked her one night at her apartment after a movie and right after I asked, I said she didn't have to answer right away. I didn't want to make it awkward if she didn't have the same feelings. Late that night at about midnight I got a text from her saying I really like you as a friend but don't know if I'm ready to start a relationship yet. After not sleeping that night I thought to myself " was a good run" Lol.

We did agree to not see or date other people . Well that was easy for me because I was devastated, maybe not so much for her. The second time I asked her to be my boyfriend was with a treasure hunt with a note at the end asking her to be my girlfriend...again. Because I really didn't want her to say no to my face I had left back for college before she finished the hunt. I didn't know this until later, but she really didn't want to date me and was going to say no, with a little persuasion from her sister Trish and Ashley, she finally said she would give it a go! And it looks like I have successfully swooned her enough because we got getting married!